Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sensitive teeth--sign of pregnancy?

Basically just overnight a few of my teeth became really sensitive to hot and cold things. I was just at the dentist and things looked good, but i opted out on getting xrays because I was on Clomid and could have been pregnant. I'm going back to get an xray next week...OB says just to double up on lead cover for protection in case. Has this ever happened to anyone in early pregnancy??

Sensitive teeth--sign of pregnancy?
Sensitive teeth have also been linked to diabetes. Not saying thats whats going on but its something to think about.
Reply:go to the doctors if he says no then believe him
Reply:Nope never heard of that one.
Reply:Not that I have ever heard of. If you are looking for little things to tell you are pregnant and ignoring other things because you want to be pregnant you are only setting yourself up for a disappointment as hard as it may be just try to relax and take things one day at a time. I know what it is like to think you are pregnant then be disappointed yet again.
Reply:not sensitive to hot and cold but hurting teeth yes. because the baby takes so much from your body, like calcium, it causes your teeth to hurt. my doctor says thats why its important to take care of your teeth while pregnant, flossing everyday and brushing, but he stresses flossing and so does the dentist.
Reply:I just heart if your gumms bleed a lot, that's a sign. Everybody has different signes. Get a "First Response" or a doctors test done. Best of Luck.
Reply:my gums used to bleed while pregnant. Try to look after them during pregnancy.. Good luck on your baby
Reply:I've never heard of sensitive teeth being a sign of pregnancy. has a list of the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy and its not listed.
Reply:when my sister was pregnant she had tooth aches all the time

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