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What do u do for sensitive teeth??

your dentist or hyg can give you a presciption for a stronger fluoride if you need on try the sensitive toothpaste I recommend when you are done with a tube or 2 switch to another brand then you can return also try if you drink soda or anything with acids juices cold water though a straw use an electric toothbruch with a soft bristle head and at low gentel speed this shoul work when you brush ake shure on your brushing correctly dont push the gum tisue up o the top and on the botom down this causes recession more sensitivity try these hints

What do u do for sensitive teeth??
there is little you can do other than to use colgate sensative and act mouthwash with floride- the act mouthwash puts a floride protection around the gums and teeth- my dentist informed me to use this every night prior to going to bed, lessens sensativity.

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Is there organic toothpaste for sensitive teeth?

Is it as affective as regular toothpaste? Where can it be purchased and how much does it cost?

Is there organic toothpaste for sensitive teeth?
You can find organic toothpaste, (Health Food Store ) however, be careful because they are not alway ADA approved. Tom's is a natural toothpaste, you may want to try it - tho, I don't believe its for sensitive teeth. Usually if you are having sensitivity you can use a tube of toothpaste (Sensidyne, Crest, all the big companys put them out) then go back to your regular toothpaste and the sensitivity goes away. If it is due to recession of the gums, and the recession is several millimeters your dentist can put something (fluoride) on it to help or even put a composite filling in. Check with your dentist. RDH
Reply:No, most contain chemicals. From

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What is good for sensitive teeth? just got them bleched but can barley

also try to rinse really good with a very good mouthwash!

go to Whole Foods Store, there have many natural toothpastes! get "Natures Gate"...I like the creme de anise!

Sensedyne doesn't work for me! There is a new toothpaste from Ora-jell...take a look!

What is good for sensitive teeth? just got them bleched but can barley
Sensodyne toothpaste really works! Brush with it and your teeth will be de-sensitized in a day or so.
Reply:Sensodine tooth paste works great
Reply:my dentist gave me perscription toothpaste for my sensitive teeth.
Reply:Try and pickup a product called Tooth Mousse in the USA I think its made by Recaldent. In Australia the company is GC. It floods the teeth with calcium and phosphates which inturn reduces sensitivity. You should drink lots of water too.
Reply:Brush with Sensodyne or any toothpaste containing Potassium Nitrate. This substance helps to de-sensitize the teeth. You must use it daily for at least 2 weeks to begin feeling the difference. Next time, use it before, during and after your whitening to reduce the sensitivity. Better yet, find a whitening product that already has Potassium Nitrate in it (several new ones do).

In the mean time, stop whitening until your teeth feel OK again.

If you don't feel better after 2 weeks, see your dentist. He or she can give you an RX treatment which will help more than the toothpaste.

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Does anyone have really sensitive teeth???

i do and i use crest sensitvity toothpaste but its not really working i cant even drink cold water it hurts so bad does anyone knwo of ne thing that actually works good????

Does anyone have really sensitive teeth???
I use Sensodyne, but it still doesn't help those shocking drink momemts.
Reply:not me..
Reply:my brother does... sesnsodyne.
Reply:Certain tootpastes helped mine.
Reply:Spring for the sensodyne, Brush well and brush often.
Reply:go to the dentists your enamel is probably poor, my teeth are great though i can hold them in ie cream for 10sec
Reply:You might give a toothpaste called Sensodyne a shot. Also talked to your dentist because there may be other products that he could give you. Good luck!
Reply:well i have sensitive teeth and just ask your dentist and he/she might have some reccommendations
Reply:that always happens to me... dont know how to stop it

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Reply:I do, it has some mood swings from hell! adn your question just got' im upset all over again! :(
Reply:Yes. I personally found Sensodyne to be more effective than Crest. They both contain the same percentage of whatever-it-is, but Crest didn't work for me.

You can also rinse with a flouride mouthwash - that should help as well.

And Orajel now makes an OTC treatment that you can use on sensitive teeth. It works fairly well and isn't that pricy.

There's also a chinese herb that's supposed to be good, but I've never been able to track it down. I can't remember the name of it either, and it's not coming up on google....
Reply:I told my dentist about the same problem and she prescribed a toothpaste for me that isn't sold over the counter. It really works--but I can't think of the name of it. I brush with it before I go to bed at night (you can't eat or drink anything--it must stay on the teeth overnight). It's got an active ingredient in it that you can't buy over the counter, so definitely ask your dentist--you might even be able to just call and ask for it if you can explain your symptoms.
Reply:I too have extremely sensitive teeth I use Crest Prohealth or Sensidyne maximum strength toothpaste. Until you can get the condition checked out by a dentist, use straws to drink cold drinks. The toothpastes take about a week to start working so please be patient you'll feel better soon. Good luck!
Reply:Ur Dentist may be able to apply some warnish over the sensitiv tooth to cover root surfaces which are usually the main cause of sensitivity.
Reply:oh that's me, but you know nothing helped except if i want to drink cold water ,i'm always using straw coz it hurts so bad so at least i'm free now.


I have a very sensitive teeth but has no holes what do i do?

If your teeth are sensitive to cold things like cold water or ice cream, try sensadyne toothpaste. Colgate has a type of toothpaste for sensitive teeth as well.


Why do people get sensitive teeth?

just wonderin.....

Why do people get sensitive teeth?
In nearly every case, gums have receded due to heavy-handed brushing or long-term gum disease. Either way the tops of the roots become exposed to the mouth and there is no enamel covering the roots. Think of roots (i.e dentine) like a sponge with lots of holes leading inside to the nerve. In order to sort out the sensitivity in the short term, you ought to use some kind of densensitising toothpaste like Sendsodyne. Teeth dont like to be sensitive so when they are, the nerve inside the tooth shrinks away deeper inside and lays down extra dentine inside the tooth as insulation. The problem with most people is that they brush too vigorously and the tooth wears away quicker than the nerve can shrink away so the problem remains. Remeber well that it doesnt really matter how much or how fast you brush your teeth. It simply matters that you smear toothpaste all over your teeth and dont rinse out. Hope this helps
Reply:Loss of enamel on the tooth for various reasons. Makes them sensitive to hot and cold.
Reply:There's no accounting for taste.
Reply:some people actuallly have more nerves per tooth than others, but the more common reasons are enamel breakdown and decalcification of the tooth -

braces, acidic foods, health problems - all can cause the outer layer of enamel to break down which lets the irratant (cold, heat, ect) get closer to the nerves located in the tooth
Reply:too much sugar

not brushing properly

not using mouthwash

not flossing

it may be sensitive gums...
Reply:smoking causes gum disease. the gum recedes leaving the teeth exposed. then they get very sensitive.
Reply:As people age, their enamel wears down for a variety of reasons, not taking care of teeth, acid erosion, sweets, junk food, etc.
Reply:Well first one has to rule out a cavity, a hole in the tooth, by 'paying' (pardon the pun, I know, corny :) a visit to the dentist. A cavity can turn into an absessed (infected) tooth which would warrant an antibiotic from the dentist. If a cavity is ruled out as the cause for tooth sensitivity, then it may be due to receding gums and perhaps due to brushing one's teeth too hard or with a toothbrush with bristles too hard (one is supposed to use 'soft' bristles). I use sensodyne (original formula) toothpaste as per my dentist due to my own tooth sensitivity. One is supposed to brush an up-and-down motion when using sensodyne as directed by the dr. (dr is how one addresses a dentist ;) It does help with my tooth sensitivity.
Reply:Receding gums and abrasive brushing. Use a soft toothbrush and use with soft , circular motions. Try using Sensodyne toothpaste.
Reply:gum recession, roots exposed and so sensitive, not nice.


Any cure for extremely sensitive teeth? a product that is safe to use while pregnant?

sensodyne toothpaste.

Any cure for extremely sensitive teeth? a product that is safe to use while pregnant?
Any of the expensive toothpastes for sensitive teeth really do work. Give it a couple of weeks or so, but they really do help. anything cheap is really quite nasty on your teeth - unfortunately - even though the packaging states that they are an amazing product. Invest in a good known brand.
Reply:I asked the same question when i was breastfeeding and my dentist recommended a toothpaste called "Sensodyne". Indeed my teeth are less sensitive since I use it!
Reply:there are some toothpastes you can get that are very safe to use.
Reply:consume a lot of calcium..

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